Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Flonium energy-storage units store energy when electricity is relatively very cheap, and let you use it in a smart automated manner during hours when electricity is relatively much more expensive; saving you a lot of money!

Get Smart Backup-Power

Unlike dormant fossil-fuel generators, Flonium energy-storage units work for you all the time – not just during outages a few times a year but every single day, saving you money! Furthermore, Flonium units act ultra-fast (in just a few milliseconds) to provide you with uninterrupted power, unlike  generators kicking off in tens of seconds or sometimes even minutes. Plus, enjoy your 21st Century backup-power without the noise or the exhaust fumes!

Firm up Your
Renewable Energy

Sunny/windy or not, Flonium energy-storage units firm up your renewable power generation, and always provide you with reliable electricity. Plus, by enabling you to use your own renewable energy, Flonium units make it easier (on-grid or off-grid) for you to get your renewable energy system.

Get Pure/Quality Power

Protect your sensitive electronic-equipment with filtered, clean, high-quality power supplied by Flonium energy-storage units. Avoid degradations and failures due to faulty power.

Keep a Tab on
Your Energy Usage

Track your energy consumption and/or generation live 24/7; be aware, get involved, and make  smarter choices!